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February 11, 2017

Brett Stewart goes out every month and seeks the best independent music he can find spanning artists across the globe throughout a bevy of genres. On an increasingly more regular basis, however, independent artists are sending the show their music for consideration. Make Brett's job easier! To submit music for consideration, email

Please follow the directions below as well. (Seriously! If you don't follow them, your message may be relegated to the wrong folder or we'll miss it.)

  • In the subject line, please put: Jukebox Submission.
  • For the music, please submit a streaming file. (We'd rather not open any foreign files on our systems unless we ask for them.) You can upload a streaming file to Soundcloud or Bandcamp. If you're having technical trouble with these sites, give this site a try.
  • Provide your artist name, song name, any relevant information, where to find you online, and how you found the Jukebox!
  • Please only submit one or two songs. Do not submit a whole album. We don't always have time to listen to that much. Submit your best work and we'll go from there!
Please note that we work our way through hundreds of artists each month. In order to keep a highly curated show, we don't accept all submissions. By all means, though, submit to the show! If we dig your music, we'll let you know right away.