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February 11, 2017

The Jukebox is made possible by our fans and supporters, and of course, our sponsors. Please note that the Jukebox isn't, and will never be, a money-making endeavor. All of the support from our listeners and our sponsors goes right back into making the show possible. We pride ourselves in the quality of the broadcast. That outstanding quality is a result of high-end equipment, an equally high-end host with unlimited bandwidth for listens and downloads, international calling for interviews all around the world, and much more. The show is by music lovers for music lovers. Brett Stewart hosts it because he believes in the artists he's showcasing and wants to see them succeed! 

Thus, we so appreciate the support from listeners and our sponsors. Are you a listener and want to support the show? You can donate securely below on this page. Drop us a dollar if you enjoy what we're doing! Every little bit means a great deal to us and keeps the show running.

Are you interested in sponsoring the show? It's quite affordable! Drop us a line at We offer one-off sponsorships and recurring ones. Please put 'Jukebox Sponsorship' in the subject line so it arrives to the right place and person! Check out our current sponsors, too!